Anyway, the Goat

So, I’m looking at the goat and I’m thinking,
“How does it bend its legs like that?”
They’re all backwards, underneath itself.
Goats are weird. Ever see a goat’s eye?
Like a lizard. So weird.
Anyway, it’s tied up in the rain
and it’s bleating and I’m thinking,
“A cow would make more sense, plot-wise.”
The old guy was all, “We spared no expense.”
Clearly not; a cow costs more than a goat. Has to.
Did you know cows lie down when it rains?
Anyway. So unbelievable.
I’ve seen this thing maybe twenty times or so
and every bloody time I’m thinking,
“Where did that glass of water come from, anyway?”
Who brought that?
It’s just sitting on the dashboard.
Not even a cup holder.

How am I supposed to believe this?
Anyway, the T-Rex shows up,
eats the goat, finally.
Then the lawyer.
It ate a dog in the sequel but whatever.

Jeff Parent is a proud dad and poet with an MA in Creative Writing from Concordia University in Montréal. His poems have been published by Seiren Quarterly, The League of Canadian Poets, and The/tƐmz/Review amongst others. His first chapbook, This Bygone Route, is forthcoming from 845 Press.

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