Drunkardʼs Lullaby

Pour me another round and let’s dance in the street
Weʼve got whiskey on the table and vodka at our feet
Pour me a glass of something sweet
And make sure it’s served up neat

Weʼll dance with merriment
Knowing the spirit was heaven sent
Not knowing where yesterday went
Now itʼs Sunday so we must repent

Let the spirits continue to flow
The more we drink the more we know
So onto the next bar weʼve got to go
Galavanting through the town to & fro

Itʼs time to sing the song of drunkardʼs delight
Before we pay our tab and say our good night
Going crosseyed and losing sight
Dragging myself out the door with all my might

Gordon Lewis is a artist/poet/photographer and musician based out of Colorado. 

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