Ba da bing, ba da boom. Ba da boom, ba da bing. Fagehdaboutit. Louis Phillips’ recent poetry publications include The Domain of Silence, The Domain of Absence: New and Selected Poems (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2015), The Domain of Small Mercies: New & Selected Poems ], Volume 2 (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2017), How Wide the Meadow (World Audience Publishers, 2019).

Tell-Tale Signs You’re A ‘Pineapple Beer’ Guzzling Alcoholic Desperately Hiding Behind Attempts At Creativity While Struggling To Deny The Tantalizing Lure Of A Career In Technical Writing

1)  You once tried to write a novel based loosely on your own personal experiences, but the main character died on page five, which is also the same page you spilled ‘pineapple-flavored’ beer all over before you passed out and fell off your chair.  2)  You’re willing to drink ‘pineapple-flavored’ beer as means to block […]

I am Your Soulmate in Row 3 of 19th Cent Eur Hist

Dear Dr. Hubbler, I know you know who I am.  Our eyes have locked several times as you scan the lecture hall while you’re speaking.  If I’m not mistaken I think everyone has noticed our personal chemistry from these brief moments of deep connection. You are by far the best professor I’ve had in my […]


1 AHRRRIIITTEEHercules was on Demo One.That is back in the Very Old Days. It might have been on Demo One before the film. The Hercules demo was not the first level of the game but was the Athens level of the game, which has: Charging up punches and punching broken pillars down Charging up and […]


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