Bones in the Darkness

for my loveable live-in prop “What are you most afraid of?” Bones asks, still seated with me at the dining-room table. I turn to Bones, who’s no longer facing the windows, and is now looking at me, with his fake-calcium jaw working and his black eyeholes burning like dark orbs in the night.  He says,…

Although I Am Often Afraid to Dream

Ryan Mayer is a poet and writer native to New Oreans. Ryan graduated Loyola University New Orleans with a BA in English (creative writing) and received his MFA from The University of New Orleans. His poetry can be found in Tilted House Review, while his prose has appeared in Essay Daily,, and Xavier Review.

Flesh of His Flesh

His wife’s breath is vile, and sometimes there are brown, sinewy fragments stuck between her teeth, but he remains devoted. Twenty-three years. He was always the protector and provider. Their bodies are no strangers to horror. Joint pain, poor vision, memory loss, the dark surprises of routine bloodwork––it is all happening to them. This new…

implied consent to search and rescue

Andrew Ketcham writes about love. He is thirty and single. His work has appeared or is set to appear in A Great Gay Book, HAD, Hobart, the New Orleans Review, Passages North, Protean and elsewhere. He tweets @islafissure


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