Drunken Karaoke Artist Interview, Review, and Poems: Halfofyou 

H: I chose the self-titled route because I felt there was no other way to explain the loosely-based theme of this album. The theme is duality. You’ll come to notice that it’s integral to how I operate. That’s why there’s a side A and a side B to this album. Stark contrasts from one side […]

Tempting Tomes, Sultry Scaries Presents:
A Spooky Season Detour of Beloved Books

Happy spooky season, you goblins and ghouls! I hope your pumpkin spice has been extra cozy and your streaming services have stocked all your autumnal favorites. It’s no coincidence that as a columnist for The Final Girl Bulletin Board, September and October are the months I deem most holy. And you, dear reader, I assume […]

The Monster Will Never Leave You

I think what attracts me to writing is that it necessitates context for its full impact. Especially when it comes to love and romantic stories, mostly everything can sound corny or questionable when extracted as a quote. Words need to work together to achieve anything, no matter how much we’re pushed towards writing the shortest, […]


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