Unrequited Follow on a #writerslift

I thought you’d click the little button. I didn’t think we needed to read all each other’s stuff,  message back and forth with critiques and notes or go to book signings where we put on smiling faces. I didn’t think I’d be your biggest fan, your Anne Wilkes or something a little less creepy…if you […]

Gravity, Please Strangle Me

It’s been seven minutes and I’ve violated the rules three times. Seven minutes and I understand complicitly I will never again possess confidence on a par with a seven year old. Knees not pliable. Eyes fearing any kind of height. Look like a dog when I jump and it is more than the hair flopping […]

Two Poems By Christine Naprava

Ode to Trevor Philips Why would anyone  want to play  any character other than  Trevor Philips in GTA? It’s a question I asked myself  just the other day as I tore through that  copycat landscape of LA in a stolen hearse headed for the hills, my sullied white tee splotched with enemies’ blood. In the […]


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