12 Ways to Decline an Invitation to be the Fifth Man in a Pick-Up Basketball Game

With warmer temperatures and increased sunshine demarcating the much anticipated arrival of Spring, you may have noticed pick-up basketball games starting to crop up in your area.  This is an expected occurrence – for, as anyone who has seen even a single New York City-based romantic comedy can attest – pick-up basketball games pop up […]

Did The Avengers really think things through before carrying out The Blip?

On highways, one ways and runwaysPeople appearing in the same placeas five years beforeInto thin air, into seaClimber undusting upon a mountainthat’s eroded microscopicallyMissing his footholdplummeting soundlessly Babies returning screaming in frightTheir parents moved onDivorcedCould no longer stand the sightof each otherand the empty crib Spouses rematerializing in the marital bedReplaced, removed,now reduced to third […]

old enough to be watching american idol unironically, young enough to be absolutely infuriated that everyone is covering harry styles and getting the lyrics wrong

“Teenage-girl fans — they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.” – Harry Styles in Rolling Stone (2017). there is something to be said for longing like a teenage girl, I recall counting down the days until christmas morning, or the […]

Eli’s Movie Buzz: Godzilla VS Kong Review

(Photosensitivity Warning in this movie) HBO Max continued its run of simultaneous streaming service and theater released CGI-filled spectacles for the month of March with the release of the Kaiju showdown of the decade – Godzilla Vs. Kong. With this being one of the first major blockbuster releases of the year, would two giant animals […]


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