Vanity Publishing Regime, Megalomaniac Division Would Be Delighted to Publish Your ‘Cancelled’ Book

Dear brilliant, exalted author:   It is my distinct pleasure to be in touch.  I’m the publishing consultant at Vanity Publishing Regime, Megalomaniac Division, where we showcase the writing of some of the greatest iconic thinkers of our time. We have become aware of your excellent writing and are eager to work together with you. […]

“u up?” or something along those lines

This is not a drunk text. This is an invitation to the universe. I am opening myself up to possibility—that was my New Year’s resolution—and right now possibility is regrettable 3 a.m. sex with the first ex that popped into my head. We never dated, but she’s an ex all the same. I remember how […]

It’s not love, it’s hypertension

Looked into her eyes, heartbeats galore and the world fades to black. Hey, hun? I don’t know how to say this but, you don’t look so good. Did you eat something this morning or did you just assume a relationship would work as a good substitute for blood sugar? Oh, so you skipped breakfast? Were […]


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