WHEN THE PAIN STARTS: Poetry as Sequential Art by Alan Passman

While the graphic novel may be out of my usual jurisdiction of artform, Alan Passman’s When the Pain Starts… is a compelling hybrid of format — a conceptual book of poetry disguised as a multi-artist comic. Here, Passman has turned himself inside-out; combining life, death, love, and precarious coming-of-age moments sprinkled with pop-culture ephemera, making […]

Drunken Karaoke: Khaled Khaled

When it comes to collaborations, DJ Khaled is known for bringing together today’s leading musical talents in the industry. For fifteen years, the hip hop producer has created several hits that are still listened to this day and has paved the way for other producers to release collaborative albums as well. This year, DJ Khaled […]

Knitted Pizza

“What is this?” she yelled out with a jolt of amusement. He didn’t have to look in order to know what she had just discovered. He had tucked it away between Hegel’s Hauptwerke, thinking no one would ever dare touch those. But she did and found it anyway.  …  He had been a member of […]

Loving The Bears

Did you know I have hairy legs that are as soft as a bear? In the summer heat I’d let my grizzly self walk the streets bare, and when sitting in the sun drinking fine lemonade, a girl came up to me, and stroked my hair, the hair down there. A little further, right, that […]


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