The first day of college, and Sally is ready. New notebook? Check. New backpack? Check. Cool shirt? Check. New pair of ripped jeans? Check. Even her class schedule is perfect. Her last class ends early enough to get to the hotel in plenty of time for her shift as a desk clerk. Walking to her […]

Szn’s Greetings

Your breast swellsAs you open the emailA+14-0The actual results won’t matterBecause you cracked the draftthe process the process the process The most wonderful timeBefore they’re going down clutching thighsor getting vultured at the goal-lineIt’s hope sznWhen the significant othersthink you’re dreaming of othersYou’re rosterbatingFocused on a different kind of tight endPondering the stream of another […]

The Beach Lane 2

The summer after my freshman year of college, I acted in an independent film which was directed by my high school friend, Mattingly, who had been attending a different university. I played a character who was dealing with an adjustment to college, juggling two relationships, and facing some of life’s harsh realities.  I met some […]


Strange the impact of pop culture as it’s just a show  and it isn’t real and yet I still find it true I miss Red Forman Even if the second best character turned out to be a douchebag scientologist rapist and the nostalgia for the era is more imaginary than any of us care to […]


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