DD Pod-verse

A podcast dedicated to bad movies that you love. Hosted by Shawn Berman and Josh Sippie. Follow the show on Spotify and Letterboxd!

A podcast dedicated to all-things pop culture. Hosts Elijah Horton and Rich Perez-Negron break down all the latest and greatest shows, movies, and events. Follow the guys on Twitter!

A podcast dedicated to Oscar Isaac’s filmography! Hosted by Leah Carlson-Downie. Follow the show on Twitter.

Leah is a Seattle-based culture writer and podcaster with a background in art history and information science. She is a longtime cinephile who continuously endeavors to learn more about the history of the form. She hosts two obsessive podcasts: Fang Club, about 21st-century vampire films, and Oscar’s Podcaast, about the filmography of Oscar Isaac. You can find her on Twitter @themingtacular. Leah usually digs movie musicals, period pieces, and parody films.