He’s the Geezer who says “Jurassic Park!” when he’s asked about his team winning at the weekend. No-one has ever thought to ask why. Or of any of the things he needs to be asked, come to that

So, we ask Bill what he thought of Saturday’s game and he says, “Jurassic Park!”  And tells us he’s over […]

I Haven’t Had to Make Small Talk in a Long Time and Honestly I’m a Little Nervous About Saying the Wrong Thing Or Rambling Too Much Like My Grandfather Did When He Came Back From a Trip To Australia Where He Met His Illegitimate Son For the First Time Whose Mother Was a Prostitute He Visited During World War II

It’s so crazy to finally be back in an office without wearing a mask, right? It probably feels as surreal […]

List of reasons why Jack Dawson was not a real person, but a coping mechanism that 17 year old Rose created to deal with the fact that her mother was basically pimping her out to 30 year old Cal

1. Most obvious one: There is LITERALLY NO record of any person called Jack Dawson that boarded the Titanic  2. He […]