Are You Going Through 5 Stages of Grief or Just Parallel Parking?

Let’s face it: sometimes in life, we all have to do things we don’t want to do. It sucks, but sometimes all you need is a little perspective to look on the bright side of things! So it’s time to ask yourself a more challenging question (sorry): are you actually going through a significant period of hardship right now, or are you just parallel parking? Take this quiz to find out!

(Feel free to go get a gallon of ice cream for yourself after this for any reason really, you deserve it!)

Question One: Are there cars behind you?A. Holy shit yes B. Yes but like metaphorically

Question Two: Is it rush hour? Are you in a rush? A. Omg stop I know I didn’t schedule today well stop rubbing it inB. In a rush to die, sure

Question Three: Would you say that you are in a state of mourning?A. If you mean that I’m mourning losing that pull-through parking space to that Honda Civic, absolutely!B. *sniffling*

Question Four: Was this not part of your driving exam that you took like eight years ago? This isn’t that bad, is it?A. I was able to get out of that part of the test because my dad knows the guy who administers the exams in town, so now I can’t actually parallel park all these years later. Please don’t think less of me for this B. Yes it is!!!

Question Five: Is there not like other parking around here? What I’m asking here is whether this is an avoidable situation?A. Yes but I got a parking ticket last time I tried that B. Shut up my cat died, this is offensive

Question Six: You could just go home. No one’s making you do this right nowA. I may turn around and go do that actually, thanksB. I may turn around and go do that actually, thanksResults: Hmm. Honestly, you may as well be going through both. That sucks, hopefully you figure that out soon!

Bio: Stav is a 24-year-old comedy writer, journalist, and PhD. student who lives in Athens, Greece. She aggressively enjoys feminism, cats, improv and makeup and that’s pretty much it. Follow her twitter at @your__crush__ and check out her comedy blog at

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