Friday Night

The wine is open, it’s Friday night. 

It’s a good one, I won’t put up a fight. 

Weekend starts now , it’s time to relax. 

Monday is around the corner , and I’ll be back. 

I’m taking a moment , to spend with my peeps. 

My hubby , my fur babies, I love them all heaps! 

I hope you get time, to take a breath. 

It’s the best thing you can do , for your own health. 

I raise my glass, to all my friends. 

Because of all of you, I made it around the bend. 

Sending love to you and yours. 

Whether they’ve got two legs or walk on all fours. 

May your night be sweet. 

And may we soon meet. 

Rebeckah Hassam is a a self-published author from Langley BC. They have written a vampire series and a small book of poems. Follow them on Twitter @bex0470.

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