Incontinence (Alternate Take)

The misstep of youth finds the kindness of a man-

Child, warming over with a pitcher pump urine

Improvisation, the closed heart of our Teacher.

And we can’t help but think: Miles would approve.

As the voice of the Elder closes our scene,

Her confessional image, we won’t soon forget.

The youth files back onto the bus

As we reel, for this was the ambush

Of a surprise heart in an ocean of folly,

In the generation-defining Birth of the Goo.

Andrew Adair is a writer/translator from Indiana living in Mexico City. He is Editor-at-Large for Mexico at Asymptote Journal and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Latin American Literature TodayWaxwingBrooklynRail, and The Hopper. He can be found on Twitter at @a_dear_raw_din.

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