It’s no coincidence  

that the gayest track  

on Mario Kart Wii 

is the most difficult.  

The rage I experience 

when playing Rainbow Road 

is how it feels to be gay most days.  

Yes, being gay looks like  

a colourful celebration 

to an outsider 

at a Pride parade. 

But in reality, 

it’s fucking hard.   

We have to fly through 

intergalactic hoops and  

constellations to discover 


Steer the tight corners  

of heteronormativity.  

Fall off the edges  

over and over in the pursuit 

of the finish line where  

we’re greeted as champions, 

accepted and celebrated.  

Victors, at last. 

Conor Giblin (he/him) is an aspiring poet from Manchester, UK. He likes to read poetry that makes him gasp out loud + spends most of his time obsessing over new music and watching Drag Race. You can follow him on Instagram @conor.co.uk and on Twitter @conorjgiblin

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