The Mixologist

I never was born a wizard

I chose another path

While still living a life filled with magic

I did not go to some fancy wizard school in England

I learned my spells from the school of hard knocks.

Even Merlin was shocked by my sorcery

He told me that day that my spells are of a foreign nature.

Perhaps this was why I made such a lasting impression.

This was my first time in their kingdom after all.

Merlin showed me spell after spell that day, potion after potion

But none of his wand waving could ever wield any whiskey

I told him I was a warlock, trained in the art of brewing bourbon

Straight out of the hills of the Kingdom of Kentucky

While my spells were not paranormal

They were perfect, my booze warmed everyone supernaturally

Without any sort of witchcraft to guide me along the way.

If only they knew my power was crafting cocktails and concoctions

For my incantations are rooted in the art of mixology

C.L. Butler is an Afro-Dutch poet, essayist, and historian from Philadelphia, PA based in Houston, TX. His work has been featured in PerhappenedTrampset MagazineLucky JeffersonVersification, and NewPages.

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