Two Mario Poems By Noah Farberman

Mycology Certification (with a minor in plumbing) 

When Timmy Turner turned to blob his pink hat stood right out. 

The ginger Toad is never far from matching short and stout. 

Peach and Rose and Daisy know

The red head Toad’s own glow

If Alice falls on Rainbow Road, should Eat Me raise some doubt 

And a short piece about sharing marijuana stories:

Beerio Kart

My college roommate once got so high he could barely remember his four hour Mario Kart Wii win streak. 

I once got so high I ordered a separate pizza just for myself at the party I was hosting and didn’t tell anyone until it arrived.

Noah “Noah Farberman” Farberman lives in Toronto. Noah “Noah Farberman” Farberman is a strong advocate for repeating jokes.  

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