2 Poems By Tyler Martin

Hangovers, in a realistic sense,
Are God’s revenge and your penance.
For any fun you may have had
Is then reversed, correspondingly bad.
When the following day in pain you awake
God has equaled out your little break!

For, as his creations, we do imbibe,
That, which from his fruits, we have derived,
Which He Himself in His wisdom made,
It would then seem to imbibe he bade,
This magic substance to warp our minds
And to consume till all are blind!

So is it not wrong for Him to tempt?
Should we not therefore be exempt?
Can a liquid of sin still feel devine?
Could not it be argued to drink’s a shrine?
Or should we abstain, fear and lament,
Our God above and His contempt!

So if He is to sit upon a throne of virtue,
Then absolution must be long overdue.
For if this isn’t cruelty, who then is the judge?
Was it not He, as He be, to give us all the nudge?
If not, then to you I must concede,
That He’ll be there to judge and glare in times of dire need!

Love and Anarchy
We will be together when it all falls down,
When everything is trashed,
And all lies ashen in the past.
We will be together when the Cities have all drowned
Or some rational is found
To burn them to the ground.
We will be together when the government is gone
And all the politicians have been relieved
Of all presumptive efforts
Towards the spread of their disease.
We will be together when the nanny state is gone
And the final card is drawn
For a new order to awake
And embrace it’s gorgeous dawn.
We will be together
When the Congress hall has burned
And every well coiffed leader
Has been fired and been spurned.
So don’t yet fret, perhaps the time isn’t now,
But we will be together when it all falls down.

Tyler R. Martin’s newest chapbook, Love and Anarchy: A Poetry Chapbook, is available on Amazon.

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