What is Christmas? If you believe in Jesus does that absolve you of your duty to have a real tree? What if your tree is fake, you have all the ornaments you could want, and no presents under the tree? What if you could…? No. You can’t do that. Even if your kids are too young to say, hey, this looks familiar. That’s not okay to do, right? What is Christmas if you travel to your most-remote, with-the-least-family relatives so you don’t have to “do” gifts? (Creative.)
He came to earth in the flesh to die for our sins! He was resurrected. (Still a horrendous death.) We honor that memory with gift giving and merriment. Christmas hasn’t been banned since.
A camel has a better chance of passing through the eye of a needle, Christ said. Go on feasting without me. Little Timmy’s with me. He’s got to eat his cut up grilled cheese. And I’m drinking my calories.

Michael Hammerle is completing his MFA thesis at the University of Arkansas at Monticello where he has taught composition. His most recent publications are at the Temz Review, Shot Glass Journal, and the Daily Drunk. He lives and writes in Gainesville, FL.

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