Pokemon Poem!

“What do you want for dinner?
“I’m feeling chinese food.”
“Ditto.” Says my friend
From the passenger seat.

“Can I get the orange chicken
With a side of fried rice?”
“Of course. And for you sir?”
“Ditto.” Says my friend,
And we sit down to eat.

“I’m getting something to drink,
Do you want anything?”
“Okay. What?”
“Ditto.” He repeats.

“Whatever.” I say before I storm away.
He’s probably just tired or had a long day.So tired, in fact,
that when I come back
He looks like a gooey pink lump of clay.

Nick Keehler is a new writer and recent graduate of Graceland University. He recently returned home from Spain, where he taught English as a conversation assistant. He thinks he’s cool, other people think otherwise. Twitter: @nkeehler

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