Taco Fantasma

I know a fantastic pizzeria, said Liliana.
I should have listened but I wanted to be cheeky
And replied, if I want pizza I’ll go to Italy
So we walked down the street to the taquería.

Soy vegana. I hesitate. No como carne, ni pescado,
ni queso…The proprietor kindly assures us
this won’t be a problem. Then, as the first bite drips
down my chin, I remember I forgot to say ‘ni pollo’.

Liliana eats the extra tacos with relish as I’m washing
out my appalled mouth with a jugo de limón;
But since the night I tasted that unfortunate chicken,
My ears have been haunted by its miserable clucking.


Tehnuka (@tehnuka) is a volcanologist and writer who enjoys finding herself in unexpected places.

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