Superman’s Decorum

passers-by tittering at the glass?

Rather the cool room
of a restaurant – stay unruffled,
fortify for the dangers ahead.

After the alarm sounds,
swig some stout, munch some
Popeye, and do the switcheroo.

Aaron whizzes into the bad
lands, quells the trouble,
and salutes his fans – warily,

for fear the rousing accolades
will hoodwink him
headfirst into a power pole.

James Gering has been a diarist, poet and short story writer for many years. His work has received some awards and has appeared in many journals including Rattle, Star 82 Review, The San Pedro River Review, and Cordite. Aside from writing, James muses, teaches at the University of Sydney in Australia, and escapes into the wild. He welcomes visitors at

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