The Wine

The wines been drunk, I cannot lie.
It’s the reason, I’m feeling quite fly!
The words tend to flow, after I’ve had a glass.
One is fine, but two makes me lose my class.
The red is my fave, as it tastes so good.
I may have a second, I know I should.
It’s Friday night , and the weekend is here.
I’d rather sip wine, than chug a beer.
Whether in or out, it’s a Cab I love.
The oak infused flavour, fits me like a glove.
Tonight I may have indulged, in a full bodied red.
Which is why I’m presently, headed to bed.

Rebeckah Hassam is a a self-published author from Langley BC. They have written a vampire series and a small book of poems. Follow them on Twitter @bex0470.

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