100-word TV Review: Gossip Girl

It’s not everyday you hear a 17-year-old come home, take off their tie, and yell “Good God, I need a drink,”
But apparently Gossip Girl’s chaotic whirlwind of revenge, sprinkled celebrity cameos, calls for one…or multiple ones.
Never have I ever wanted so badly to create a speciality order—some classy phrase that I could yell across the bar after bombing a chem test.
But I’m 18. And as much as Gossip Girl romanticizes a bit of bubbly after basketball, the fact is that I relate more to young love, family conflict, and self-discovery.
Until I turn 21.

Alex Perry is an (underaged) journalism student at Northwestern University. She advises for the Wall Street Journal, interned at her local newspaper, and freelances to pay for non-alcoholic side-fun (like Caprisuns!).
Twitter: @WhoIsAlexPerry
Website: alxperry.com

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