Drunk Mom’s Taco Bell Order

My father unloads my mother
into the backseat of my white
two-door escort sport

He steadies her head as it
bobbles forward with an
alcohol perfumed sigh

Thanks for picking us up
followed by tales of the party
headlights jumping along the dirt road

A deep divot lurches my small car
sending three of us flying forward
until my white knuckles regain control

I pull over on the side of the road
and collect my breath and my father
places a comforting hand on my shoulder

We’re both startled by the gurgling
almost growling noise from the backseat
the breath of the beast on our necks

Nacho Bell Grande, extra green onion
it breathes the scent of cheap beer
and my father screams at me to floor it.

Courtney Burk is a freelance writer with a passion and focus on all things food and nerd. Her ramblings can be found at @spoonfulof_ink.

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