Slow Burn on the Number 52

It was hard not to laugh. The man’s toupee was definitely on fire.
Smouldering… at the back. That he could sit on the bus like that, without knowing his wig was on fire, was beyond me.
Strange that it was a slow burn though. It must have been made of flame proof fibres, which is great in situations like this, but not so good if you’re going for that lustrous, natural look.
As we approached his bus stop, the rain started. I felt a rush of relief on his behalf as he stepped off the bus and into the downpour.

Debbi has short stories and flash fictions published in print and online. Her Novella-in-Flash, “The 10:25” is forthcoming from Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press in 2021. She is seeking an agent for her novel, whilst running online writing workshops and courses, details of which can be found at

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