Suburban Gospel is the title

“I’m filing for divorce, Janelle.”
Janelle closed the refrigerator door.
“You’re going to end our marriage because you can’t come to terms with my new relationship with Jesus Christ?”
“No,” Daniel said, “I’m ending it because you gave twenty percent of our income to a guy who interprets a book for you out of a defunct movie theater.”
“That’s unfair.”
“It’s certainly not untrue.”
“People change, Daniel.”
Daniel lowered his voice.
“Yes, Janelle, people change. Some people go from liking Pearl Jam to liking Michael Bublé. This is bigger than that, though I would probably divorce you over Bublé too.”

Jimmy Doom is an actor and writer from Detroit, Michigan. You can see him getting his ass kicked in the Christopher Walken film Kill the Irishman or invite him over and he’ll give you a reason to kick his ass yourself within hours.
You can find his writing at http://www.medium(dot)com/@Jimmy Doom

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