My husband and I went to a swing session. It featured the usual, couples kissing, carnivorous collisions. After clothes were taken we grooved, a crowd of us like cattle, moving into rooms. Oh, some even had costumes, as if filmed. Maybe we were? I’m not sure if cameras were present but if so could we complain? Would we complain considering actions? I’d like to think not. I went into a room with a man’s mouth which exited his back. There were no eyes. His wife enjoyed my husband. This was told to me after. He said he enjoyed her fusion but wished for more cream as dunking was difficult. I understood the pain. Seeing his back completely warped made me question collusion. I dug my fingers deep into the craters and asked “Did she pleasure you so pitifully?” He gave a good laugh and kissed me. I tasted her. I wanted her. I wanted her to feel what she did to him, how cold one can be if completely warped.

Rickey Rivers Jr (@storiesyoumight) was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. His work has appeared in The Gray Sisters, Fabula Argentea, Back Patio Press, (among other publications). https://storiesyoumightlike.wordpress.com/. You may find something you like there. His third mini collection of 3×3 poems is available now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VDH6XG5

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