The Wheels on the Bus

…go round and round, all through the town, until I, the mommy of the bus, sprain my neck. Alarms blare. Nuts and bolts start pinging off the “cook-clean-laundry-change diapers-homeschool kid-respond to frantic Mom! Mom! Mom! calls” assembly line.
My husband cancels his work call. He lets the kids watch TV, heats up some mustard oil with a clove of garlic and massages my neck with it.
Eyes closed, I bask in the rare, undisturbed warmth. “Feel better?” He asks.
“My back also hurts a bit.” I say.

Hema Nataraju is a part-time writer and full time mom to 2 kids. “The Wheels on the Bus” is her least favorite song, and her kids play it on loop. She lives in Singapore and tweets as @m_ixedbag.

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