This Is Just To Say I Ate The Slice of Wedding Cake My Parents Have Kept Frozen for 35 Blissful Years

I have eaten
the cake
that was in
the icebox

Or, as normal
people call it,
the freezer

You guys have
been married a
long time, but
not “icebox” long

I don’t know
why you
saved it

Was some child
at your wedding
eyeing the final
slice and you said

That’s ours

Forgive me
even though
and I cannot emphasize
this enough
if you want more
wedding cake
you can just
buy it

You’re adults and
things worked out
you can afford cake

Unlike me
who has to extract
it from vintage
chip by chip

But I guess
it’s a big deal

Forgive me
it was delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Mary Colussi is an NYC-based recent graduate and writer, mostly of humor and TV scripts but occasionally of fiction and encouraging texts to friends. She has been published in Sally Mag, Little Old Lady Comedy, and Points in Case.

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