a dirge for the ephemeral bob-omb

oh, bobby, i thought you could be the one!
bombette waxed poetic on walls with cracks,
but a bob-omb’s work cannot be undone.
paper macho goombas, chestnuts out run
but curiosity had killed the cat –
oh, bombert, i thought you would be the one!
restored from staples, hole punched, cuts repugn
lil’ bowser seeped in springs, new razed ajax;
why can’t a bob-omb’s work ever be undone?
the sky is ablaze and we’ve all been stunned,
left with smoke aftermath billowed abstracts.
oh, bhomas, i thought you could be the one!
diffused amnesiac tripping on donne’s
soft sorrow, inevitable heart attack.
and a bob-omb’s work can never be undone.
renewed fuses through memories of someone,
and life’s ambition: to make an impact.
oh, bobby, i knew you would be the one!
sublime bob-omb spirit, your work is done.

@calichefields lives upon the prehistoric ruins of the permian basin; an ma candidate specializing in the poetry of sor juana inés de la cruz. they’re rooted in interdisciplinary natures and their work dwells within the kitchen, its sciences and philosophies.

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