All You Seem

All you seem in all you are
in the pictures that you post
of the times you won’t recall,
with one finger on record
so compelled to share it all,
with the friends you don’t know,
who themselves do the same,
Like, Share, Post, Like, Pout
False faces in the Frame.
But the selfies aren’t you
and the faces aren’t yours
and the places you’ve been
are so many closed doors
in the Black of the night
when you flick through the fictions
and you block out the sight
of the lying depictions
of a life lived whilst absent
so obsessed with the scores
that you’ve never been there.
Whose life? Not yours.

Mike Hickman (@MikeHic13940507) is a writer from York, England. He has written for Off the Rock Productions (stage and audio), including a 2018 play about Groucho Marx. He has recently been published in the Blake-Jones Review, Bitchin’ Kitsch, the Cabinet of Heed, the Potato Soup Journal, and the Trouvaille Review.

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