Bacon, Egg and Cheese w/ No Cheese

While I was in Texas Star waiting for some breakfast,
Some kid walked in,
Looked at the cook,
And said, “ahhh, Lemme get a Bacon Egg and Cheese w/ no cheese”,
The restaurant froze and looked at him,
Til one guy broke the silence, half laughing, asking,
“Why didn’t you just order a bacon and egg?”
And he said,
“Cause it just don’t sound good.”

Nick Vidal is an Afro-Latino writer from Harlem, New York. His work consists mainly of non-fiction and poetry, with pieces appearing in @quiet433. He loves hip-hop, over-priced sneakers, when people pay for his Guinness(es) and cats. You can find him talking to himself on twitter @DayDrinkingDave.

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