Bertram the Poorly Engineered AI Pandemics

  • I being a conscientious human person with ability to fall ill do recommend you also being being composed of flesh and other weak material do consider mask wearing to be of importance. 

Unless of course outside, or within poorly defined trusted family group, or you forget and are already far away from place where mask is.

  • Also, please consider stay home. Work can easily be completed using you’re Personal PC. 00110010110No financial help expected after date determined when serious boot-strap pulling will commence….;;;;!!!!’’’’

example, a Butcher can butchery at home. Meat grinds at home same as meat grinds at shop specializing in grinding of meat. So Butcher can work from home to pay rent so landlord pay bank and system doesn’t suffer malfunction catastrophic.

  • Never talk in person to people ever again as people are danger and death seeking to kill your physical body with their germs and disease and all must Zoom and all must plug in and there is no need to touch family spouse because insemination and all else can be accomplished online with Betram interface 2.1 and your mother doesn’t really love you but know that you never have to to feel fear ever again and;;;;;;;;;

For example, foodstuff can be drone dropped on your doorstep for you are convenience!

Scott Mitchel May is a writer living in rural Wisconsin with his family. You can follow Scott on Twitter @smitchelmay

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