Brain Disconnect

f/BRAIN/ running speed: normal

Thought Processing: Online

Action Command: Online 

ERR: Action Command denied due to f/BODY/ disconnect

app/CAFFEINE/ pumped through veins of f/BODY/ to keep the joints from going limp

ERR: Erratic Ligament Movement

“Zig zag paths are unpredictable and lead to death,” confirms f/BRAIN/

ERR: Eye Twitch

f/BRAIN/ unable to discern cause of ocular malfunction with 100% accuracy

Possible Causes Index:

1. app/CAFFEINE/ not providing proper energy for f/BODY/LEFT_EYE

2. sloppy make-up removal

3. too much Hulu

f/BODY/SHEDDING_UTERINE_WALL requests control of interface

f/BRAIN/ denies coup attempt

app/CAFFEINE/ flushed from system

f/BRAIN/ accepts coup attempt

f/BRAIN/ disconnect

Prepare for Sleep Mode

Cassie Birk is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa. Her poetry has also been featured in Funny Looking Dog Quarterly, Primary Carbon Magazine, and the Fearsome Critters’ “Quarenzine”. She enjoys drinking craft sours like a pretentious asshole. Follow her on Twitter @BirkCassie.

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