Clean Intent

It started as a Waltz
with rhythmic movements flowing round the room
dancing gently back and forth with careful ease
held in soft but purposeful embrace,
one two three, one two three, one two three,
woman and broom, woman with broom, broom with woman,
unsocially distanced with intimate intent.
Then broom, emboldened by the dance
decides to take the lead and bristling with pride
moves to steer the sterile triplet steps in time
and momentarily is in the lead …. one two three….,
until the dancers grip commands the broom
with clean intent and turning then to dusty room
grips the rose between her teeth, flings back her head
and with the joy of her, counts one to four,
and strides with pride into the Tango of the floor.

Jon Doble lives in Devon and aspires to poet status. Being curious about being is a thing that needs encouraging. Proud member of WMD tribe (Woman, Man, Dog). Lover of poems, blues and Merlot.

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