Dancing When September Finally Ends

Twelve days in to September
And i thought Earth, Wind, Fire wants us to be dancing
It hasn’t been us since the devil has been choreographing his movements throughout the use
As he TikToks his way through time and our social media consumption
Literally chaos has spun out of control to the point of fire tornados
It’s a simulation
Because it’s like we’re looking at life in two forms
Two worlds
Two disconnected eyes
The duality so polar, we’ve grown numb to the extremes
There was another song to listen to
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Well, we might as well rename every month
With Groundhog Day as our only holiday
Because we’ve come to the point where we’ve lost the sense of real time
Everything is moving but yet we are in a stand still
Three months left and we are not out of the woods yet
So I’ll continue to listen to my September playlist for the good days and bad
Hopefully not for much longer
Whenever that will be

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 8 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites.

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