It was a long work day,

     extremely muggy and hot.

An ice cold beer

     would really hit the spot.

Raising the can

     to take a sip,

A question came up,

     more like a quip.

Five seconds after

     tasting the cold beer,

Somehow or another,

     it tends to disappear.

Left with an empty can,

     A question for debate.

Did it go into the air?

     What would cause it to evaporate?

More testing was needed.

     Would the results be the same?

As the empty cans piled up,

     It became somewhat of a game.

It becomes harder to collect data

     as the day drifts by.

Evaporation continues to happen,

     causing all the cans to go dry.

Did all the beer float away?

     If so, it’s a horrible rap.

Dizziness is taking over.

     Time to take a nap.

Nelson R. Locher started writing poetry at a young age, but it was a private hobby. He kept his work to himself for many years and never thought of going public until he joined the Hamburg Writers’ Group. Since then, over seventy of his poems have been published in The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly and elsewhere.

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