most recent pour
melts the wall
wakes hairy joy
as beer fills
biting cold blissful
taste stiff as lust
hauling us elsewhere
in aftermath of
airtight week
whiff of dollars
torched for
after taste
and ringing hum of pitcher
and hammering glass
after glass
swirling foam
pour of bitter copper
like backend
of howling songs
or great stories
that resides in teeth

the week

shaking the blank weight
into drunk-faced grins
pints deep
spilling stories
of broken shit
and drinking ‘em
coyote laughing

David Albano is a joyful dad; his children love stories, poetry, and pizza as much as he does. His work has been published in Earth First! Italian America, VIA, and The Concord Saunterer. He is a birder but has not yet learned how to tweet.

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