Kill Bill Haiku Poems

Blood-splattered angel
left for dead, buried alive
still, she will kill Bill
— @WKoewing

Furious mother
Hunting four former friends down
To kill the father
— @hijennieblair

I, Uma Therman
will slice you up real delicate
you’re goddamn right kid

Rain drops of blood
Drizzled across the snow
As O-Ren Ishii’s head spun off its axis
— @CLBpoetry

Katana well poised
Truly a Hanzō made edge
A fierce wielding stance
— @ByThisWillAlone

Beatrix Kiddo
Black Mamba mamma jamma
She’ll pluck out your eye
— @wendy_dalrymple

Elle Driver was sure
she would see the Bride’s demise,
but her eyes were lost.
— @GoldCell2007

Pussy Wagon in
gear, coming for you, dear Bill—
five finger death punch.
— @kathrynmbarber

The bride in action,
driving her Pussy Wagon,
revenge is sadness.
— @stylishtypist

Blood stains the white snow.
O-Ren Ishii, scalpless,
follows her blood down.
— @MichaelMGarrett

She sought revenge,
Was assaulted by many,
Painfully killed them.
— @EthanNaht1

We asked our friends on Twitter to come up with some haiku poems for The Bride in Kill Bill. Our friends did not disappoint!

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