Taco Dream Date

gooey melted cheese
over warm ground beef,
cool crispy lettuce
and fresh juicy tomatoes
wrapped up in
a flour tortilla
blankets the ingredients
of my hunger pained dreams

grab the deliciousness
and sit with me
my taco loving friend
while I grab the wine
and two solo cups
let’s toast to the days
where we enjoy lunch

conversing over our troubled families
these moments are our escape,
our lunch with a friend
or rather a taco dream date

Kimberly Ray, a Virginia native, is the author of the poetry series Coffee Shop Sessions (2018, 2020). She has been published in Clay Literary, 3 Moon Magazine, and Teen Belle Magazine. Her work primarily delves into the intricacies of relationships and the complex nature of discovery, attainment, and loss. Her poetry has been identified as a “working out the desires and interior of one’s heart.”

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