The Alice with Attitude Trilogy

  1. Heave Ho!
    Alice threw the looking glass
    which was really quite revealing.
    But Alice rarely thought things through
    and aimed to break glass ceilings.
    Alice threw the looking glass
    the Hatter grew in sanity
    at badly hurled reflective bling
    and uttered gross profanity.
    Alice threw the looking glass,
    the Red Queen quickly ducked.
    The shattered glass went everywhere,
    said Alice, that’s me fucked!

  2. Refrain
    The people stared at Alice crossly
    critics to a man and seething
    rules are rules and must apply
    your reckless fling does not comply.
    We set the rules of flinging bling
    we set the ceiling own the floor
    we rule not you and we are meaner
    we call you out you Miss demeanour
    Alice smiled with roguish knowing
    the girl can throw and throw she will
    so sod your rules I’ll take a pass
    I love the sound of breaking glass.

  3. Alice aforethought!
    Silence in court, the old judge said
    his face a purple shade of red.
    You stand accused you whipper snapper
    of nursery crimes that really matter.
    Here’s evidence and tales of woe
    of courting condemnation now
    accused of hiding guilty feelings
    the truth will out in these proceedings.
    Our hero victims broken shell
    tells tales of Miss behaving well
    so did you did or did you not transgress
    with malice Alice come now confess.
    You stand accused by good Kings men
    who stand together to sound condemn
    You stand accused you little numpty
    of pushing over Humpty Dumpty.
    The wall was high and Humpty perched
    with manly soldiers for support
    the hero of the marching men
    he waved in solidarity when
    in sudden scenes of disarray
    the chaos covered up foul play
    when tragedy struck down in shame
    what say you shameful feisty dame?
    Said Alice, boldly looking quite askance
    confronting bullies with wicked glance
    your accusations are quite odd
    of course I pushed the silly sod!

Jon Doble lives in Devon and aspires to poet status. Being curious about being is a thing that needs encouraging. Proud member of WMD tribe (Woman, Man, Dog). Lover of poems, blues and Merlot. Visit Jon’s website:

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