The Cocktail

I want a Manhattan when I feel classy
and an old-fashioned when I feel down.
A long island when I feel sassy,
and a gin-n-tonic when my dad comes to town.
Give me a Moscow mule when I’m spread too thin–
or a vermouth cassis when I’m in the mood.
I crave some absinthe when I explode in sin,
but a simple martini when I eat good food.
Oh, let’s have a brandy alexander when we’re together.
and a Sazerac when we’re apart.
Something with cognac would last forever!
And something with Hennessy would take my heart.
But truly any cocktail will do right now–
but make sure it tastes good anyhow.

C.G. Nelson has been an avid reader of poetry since she was thirteen years old. Her first loves were Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe. C.G. Nelson is a new poet. She went to the University of Washington, where she graduated with a degree in English and Philosophy. Find her on Twitter @CGNelsonwrites.

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