Two Poems By Sean Cho Ayres

Dream House #4
The snowman knows
the shortness of
February and doesn’t
want to be a puddle
but finds wonder
thinking about his peddle-eyes skipping across the pond. The
pond is excited

to be a pond again, to
steal sun rays, and hide
frog eggs. Hates it’s
frozen-form how it stops
the hearts of trouts, and
humans slip on its slicked skin.

just kidding, ponds
can’t think, you, silly
creature, fly across
the country sunlight

are you
excited to
come home?

Dream House #1
cat A says to cat B
let’s get out of here
B says Meow The two
cats look down
from the tree branch
it’s too high to jump
says A B looks down
aren’t you afraid
you’ll get hurt says
A Meow says B then
B jumps and lands
on his feet (of course)
Cat A not knowing
he too is a cat
stays in the tree
then tomorrow
then tomorrow
then tomeowow

Sean Cho A. is the Associate and Social Media Editor for THRUSH Poetry Journal and an MFA candidate at the University of California Irvine. His work can be ignored or future-found in Pleiades, Salt Hill, The Journal and elsewhere. Sean’s manuscript Not Bilingual was a finalist for the Write Bloody Publishing Poetry Prize

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