Uncle Alex

Uncle Alex said he used to dance.

Other folks said he was real good 

The whole crowd would stop.

TBH it pissed some people off.

Uncle Alex says he can still dance.

No one around and a few bottles,

        Of wine,

And he’ll prance a way that would

Sure catch a glance.

Uncle Alex,

He gotta let go of one thing:

The moves or the booze.

Can’t afford new liver and also new shoes.

Well Young Uncle Alex,

He sure needed both.

Never did choose which he liked most.

Alex Manzoni is a lover of all things literary and believer in the power of culture to influence politics. He has taught a variety of topics, such as critical race studies, gender studies, humanities & globalization, and law & literature. Completing a PhD in psychoanalysis and law and podcasting on poets and poetry in Emotion Put Into Measure. He feels blessed that the drink hasn’t caught up to him yet. And he’s also reluctant to allow anyone to read this bio he quickly spewed onto a page over a beer.

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