Wine Infused Evenings

Wine on a Friday night.
Feels just right.
The red was smooth with hints of oak.
Another glass, and I’d begin to bloat.
I enjoyed toasting , that hubby of mine.
He looked good before , but after more than fine.
The company was grand, on this weekend eve.
He’s my favourite human, if you can believe !
Tomorrow we rest , with no alarm.
One day of sleeping in , will do no harm.
I wish you well, as you crawl into bed for the night .
May you sleep soundly, and the bed bugs not bite.
Love to all my friends, near to my heart.
May you be blessed, as you hit he restart.

Rebeckah Hassam is a a self-published author from Langley BC. They have written a vampire series and a small book of poems. Follow them on Twitter @bex0470.

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