100-Word Film Review: Hubie Halloween

If you need something comfortingly familiar in this year that is anything but, you will find it in Adam Sandler’s character in Hubie Halloween. It is Adam Sandler at his best and in the way we always remember him: silly and committed to his character. There was a beautiful Stranger Things vibe to the movie with the small-town features and elements of the soundtrack which I loved. The light comedy in this movie is one of its biggest highlights. If you’re a “smart cookie” like the schoolkid in Hubie Halloween you’ll add this one to your Halloween queue right away!

Elizabeth Bates is a writer and teacher from Washington state where she lives with her husband, son, and two Siberian Huskies. She is a columnist of “Full Send” at The Daily Drunk and the EIC of @dwellinglit. Bates has recent or forthcoming works with VersificationSeaborne Magazine, and elsewhere. Twitter :@ElizabethKBates

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