2 Poems By Jay Miller

1.Drinks I’ve Made 100 Times
Sidecar. Martini. Daiquiri.
Cosmo. Sex. Mai-Tai.
Zombie. Ramos. Sazerac.
B&B. Vieux Mot. Poet‘s Dream.
T&T. Seventy-Five. Journalist.
G&T. Vesper. Negroni.
White Russian. Moscow Mule. Bloody Mary.
Screwdriver. Long Island. Caesar.
Tequila Sunrise. Mimosa. Gentle Ben.
Ginger Rogers. Ti Punch. Manhattan.
Mojito. Basil Smash. Julep.
Margarita. Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Planter’s Punch No. 2.
Gin and Bitters. Pimm’s Cup. Aperol Spritz.

i am not a poet
i am just a guy doing
this poetry thing
i have some thoughts
i don’t have business ideas
i have fruit for breakfast
the world in a nutshell
i see the old housewives
feed the backyard wildlife
mostly peanuts and seeds
cassette tape memories
i don’t think people need
me to justify my existence
in cursive with ligatures
and curlicues i pay rent
like everybody else
we don’t know why hey
do you want to go for a walk
sounds great
the pigeon is a sort of tarot card
we can be clouds we must be lost
i can’t do cactus drugs man
i won’t be one with the universe
i am the writer telling you
who is and who is not a poet
you don’t have to listen to me
i can name at least 5 things wrong
with you your breath your earwax
your sideburns or leg hair your
shoulder pain and your hangnail
you like poetry why are you here
i write these lines to practice my
autograph and embroidery
you can buy me i am a vowel
you are a consonant i’d like to
solve the puzzle hot commodity
grocery list psychoanalysis
champagne name desesperado
i am not a poet
i am a guy doing

Jay Miller (@sootynemm) is a writer you’ve heard of before. Cocktail enthusiast, hangover hobbyist. Partial to pineapple. Disciple of Dale DeGroff, doppelgänger of David Kaplan. Aspiring to aspirin.

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