2 Terrifying Halloween Poems By Anthony Salandy

We stroke the throbbing trigger
That drives our writhing hands,
Satiated by battle and disturbed
By sybaritic delusions,
Hedonistic, but alarming

As sultry passion lays bare
All the secret incantations
Of bloody souls whose addiction
Knows no cessation
As charcoal eyes guide jagged teeth

With infatuation deadly,
And burning hearts beat to the rhythm
Of cosmic carnality with each cut
As ramblings turn to eternalized horror
And life was taken with zeal diabolical,

And surrendered to arcane dust,
Crimson, but concupiscent still.

2. On Retribution, Insane
Doors creak as clandestine steps
Tap that polished marble floor
Where dominion was relinquished
To the minds of the craven.

Minds that preyed on bravado neurological,
But manipulative all the same,
For hollow halls did reverberate
Weary yelps throughout.

But on as one watched
Could sparks be seen to warm
That rusted chair,
Tasked as jury and executioner.

But now strapped in as rites were given
There was little else to be seen or heard
But the discordant din
Of seething flesh and mute mercy

That began that subtle dance,
Or rather that slow-burning twitch
On the precipice of oblivion,
Or total damnation,

Where ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
Sin burns all the same.

Anthony is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 55 times. Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’.
Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120

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