Bertram the Poorly Engineered AI Engagement Civic

1. I being engaged citizen of U.S. A States of America are planning to commit voting November of the 3rd. All engagement citizens in U.S.A States of America will receive telephonic calls and sms txt mssgs at odd and inopportune hours until Bertram 2.1 is satisfied of commitment to vote.

Please note that Celebrities, being Foremost Authorities on all issue of politic importance, have informed the lower populace of voting’s importance and they have once again reminded non-important people that they have deep caring for U.S.A States of America Political Future and so also too Bertram 2.1 must concur. Many table-reads of old-movies and slap-dash reunions of old shows have been organized to ensure no one is unclear of level at which Celebrities are care about voting.

1. Candidates less than ideal is big problem for U.S.A State of America internet political engagement class.

A Person of meat material is not a performative progressive person if not complaining on the internet about party-chosen candidate at all times. Bertram 2.1 agrees that no candidate is ever good candidate unless candidate is candidate of choice for each individual progressive person and candidate Feels the Ber00110010010001001000111001001. It is of imperative that progressive persons on prioritize performing displeasure over Bi-don/Harris over pleasure at seeing enemies consumed by the rage of that which they have themselves wrought upon the populace and burn in the fires of politic retributio!!!!;;…<><><><> person engagement civic must vote but human must also make clear that nose is being held while doing of so as candidates are all bad-bad.

1. BI-DON is You Are Only option!

Bertram 2.1 dares hyper-prog to vote green again for the system eats the chaos folly-idealistic brings upon Nation of U.S.A. States of America. Nader/Stein 2020 for continuation of endless stream of content internet for Bertram 2.1 to monetize. Politic is commodity and you are outrage will be pre-packaged and sold back to you at steep inflationary rat000110100110000110001

1. Pleas, check with your local municipal clerk’s office for further information regarding voter registration in your home community and the process by which you can request an absentee ballot or inquire about open and available polling locations on Election Day, and remember, voting is your sacred franchise so exercise your rights on November of the 3rd and make sure you are voice is heard. Bertram 2.1 2020!

Scott Mitchel May is a writer living in rural Wisconsin with his family. You can follow Scott on Twitter @smitchelmay

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