Don’t Be a Jerk

Don’t be a jerk
when you flirt
or evaluate ones
self worth

If you are a jerk
your body will
explode and disperse

like a science experiment
gone wrong

Being a jerk does
make for a better song
or story

Be a friend whose
glory comes from
being really kind

It is not nice to be
a jerk behind or
in front of someone’s back

Because they have ears
and can clap back but won’t
because they’re not a jerk

We are all insecure
and at times our own therapist

but bliss derived from
ones misery?

how cruel
how daft

Don’t be a jerk
be a friend

make someone’s day
make them laugh

ha ha ha

There are other ways to deal with your insecurities than be a bully. Zach Watson provides BIZ TIPs for The Daily Drunk and can often be found talking about climate change. You can follow him on Twitter at @WhimWatson

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