Kario Mart

I could never say no
to Drunk Mario Kart.
It’s the perfect balance
between coordination
and lack thereof.
Blue shells bully me
into another shot,
Bullet Bills give me
false sense of comfort,
take another sip!
But I look over at your
square, slur profanities,
crack another can
and hand it to you.

Drink this, cheater—
there’s no spiked
in that Palmer;
I can’t beat
Rainbow Road sober
and you just clinched
first place.

Melissa is a Latinx writer working on her MFA in creative writing and publishing from DeSales University. She is the founding EIC of The Minison Project, where you can also find her work. Her chapbook, The Love in Between, is to be published by Lazy Adventurer Publishing in January 2021.

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