Kiki Wish

Inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service

If the genie visits you today
and grants you three wishes,
you won’t need them.
Just say, “Make me Kiki.”

A single wish, but every
dream deferred made real.
Magic stays on your side
long after your genie departs.

As Kiki, you float high
over the coastal town
inhaling the salt of ocean air.

Flying like the birds upon
trusty broomstick
you’ll venture to every
place that until now you
only held in your heart.

You have freedom to

This wish—attainment
of youthful wonder.

Elizabeth Bates is a writer and teacher from Washington state where she lives with her husband, son, and two Siberian Huskies. She is a co-columnist of “Full Send” at The Daily Drunk. Bates has recent or forthcoming works with Dream Journal, Versification, Seaborne Magazine, and elsewhere. Twitter: @ElizabethKBates

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