Ode to Eraserhead Baby

Radiator hum and mossy growth
Dad is out again
Shadowed cheeks and Mom is meek
But only till it’s time to go
I am a collection of cells gone wrong
I am unliving and undying
The Lady is singing again
Socks hissing steam and the worm is out
Wriggle, hiss, and climb
Erase your head to free your mind
Mom has collected all her things
And Dad is listening to such sweet songs
I think I’ll sing along
The woman who is not-Mom has
Come over
And Dad, he thinks my song’s not right
I made it just for him
He’s seeing past this world now, seeing
Closer to mine
And just like the Lady said
In Heaven, everything is fine
I don’t have much more to give
But Dad’s scissors will take what’s left
And make what’s mine his
And his mine

Nick Olson is the author of Here’s Waldo and the EIC of (mac)ro(mic). Find him online at nickolsonbooks.com or on Twitter @nickolsonbooks.

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