«shhhh! but hmu on discord/»

«so he called me, sus,/» «but i got you, sis!/»
«meet me in admin, and we endin’ this tryst./»
«why you look so purple?/» «it’s just that i wished-/»
«for us, imposters, ain’t no love remissed./»
«you keepin’ it crew? but your tasks dismissed?!»
«i ain’t gonna vent!/» «o2 reminisced;
red button unlocked-/» NECK–SHOCKED–& TWIST.

@calichefields lives upon the prehistoric ruins of the permian basin; an ma candidate specializing in the poetry of sor juana inés de la cruz. they’re rooted in interdisciplinary natures and their work dwells within the kitchen, its sciences and philosophies.

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