Once when I was about 9 I was happily going to the toilet at my younger brother’s friend’s birthday party when my younger brother’s friend blasted into the bathroom and shouted STAR WARS!!!! and started pissing and clashing his urine stream with mine and pissed all down my leg. It was a lot like a lightsaber battle in Star Wars if in a lightsaber battle Darth Vader had been 3 foot tall and quite hyperactive and often getting into trouble in school and known for his Father Christmas Laugh that sounded like a Goblin Laugh and had taken Luke Skywalker by surprise and pissed all down his leg while Luke looked bemused and accosted and gripped by Lukewarm panic at contamination by firstly piss down his leg and secondly somebody else’s piss down his leg.

I do not remember the rest of the party. This was a long while after 1977 but it is nice to know where some things begin.

John Banning lives in Jolly England and writes some things and dreams too much and hopes you might enjoy his other published + comingsoon work in Maudlin House, Dream Journal, Rejection Letters and Ligeia.

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